Celebrating Our Senior Athletes

Class of 2021, the best is yet to come!!
  • Ryan Fischer, Basketball
  • Thomas Langley, Basketball
  • Christian Santiago, Basketball
  • Khalil Wise, Basketball
  • Andi LaRocque, Basketball
  • Hali Gerald, Volleyball, Basketball
  • Mary Austin, Volleyball
  • Bryce Blevins, Cross Country
  • Lucinda Bulanow, Cross Country
  • Brasington Burnside, Cross Country
  • Jacob Crabb, Cross Country
  • Tony O’Neill, Cross Country
  • Antonio Roberts, Cross Country
  • Samantha Quartuccio, Cross Country
Class of 2020, thanks for the memories. We will miss watching you play!!!
  • Angela Alaisa, Basketball
  • Eric Avila Perez, Basketball & Soccer
  • Tyree Awantaye, Soccer
  • Zoe Brown, Track & Field
  • Harrison Clark, Soccer
  • Jalon Conway, Basketball
  • Kalen Cure, Soccer
  • Tyler Geno-Barrow, Basketball & Baseball
  • David Hollenbeck, Baseball
  • Wilson Merrill, Soccer
  • Perry O’Brien, Basketball
  • Ryan O’Neill, Soccer
  • Matthew Sanders, Basketball

Class of 2019, thanks for the memories. We will miss watching you play!!!
  • Alex Trubey, Basketball and Soccer
  • Kalen Hoggat, Soccer
  • Devin Hackman, Cross Country
  • Jordan Crabb, Volleyball and Softball
  • Noel Tufts, Volleyball
  • Sadie Wright, Cross Country
Tribute to our Seniors of 2019 … Give Me Just Five More Minutes

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