BYOBB&G (Bring Your Own Ball, Bat  Glove) DRIVE-THRU PHOTO SHOOT

When official word came down from South Carolina High School League that the 2020 spring sports season was cancelled, the Athletic Director began working on a plan to get individual and team pics for her spring athletes. A bit of creativity and an equal amount of stubbornness led to a very unusual yet successful event as 81 of 87 athletes participated in a Drive Thru Photo Shoot in our school’s car rider loop. Two lanes. Two photographer stations. Two athletes at a time at opposite ends of the tent. Lots of Clorox wipes for baseballs and softballs and soccer balls. Lots of hand sanitizer. No team pics were taken. Individual pics will be input into a software program to create a team pic. Here’s a little video of the day (turn on the volume).