PlanetHS Information

  • DO NOT PAY YOUR PARTICIPATION FEE until you have attended tryouts and received notification from the Athletic Department/Coach that you have secured a position on the team.
  • If you pay your Participation Fee BEFORE you successfully make it through the tryout process, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND!


PlanetHS is the web-based platform that SA and parents will use to upload, review, sign and date all necessary forms required before the SA can participate in any conditioning or practice.

Visit and create two accounts:  one for the SA and one for parent.  If you have difficulty setting up your account, please contact PlanetHS directly:

The Athletic Department CANNOT assist with technical support. Please contact PlanetHS/Big Teams directly. If emailing, be sure to send them parent and athlete name, email and phone numbers, along with a description of your problem/question. A lot of times, tech support will be able to correct the problem without having to speak with you.

HELP DESK NUMBER: 866-448-9438, ext 1 (phone support is at a minimum)

EMAIL: (best way to seek tech support)

The following documents must be signed and dated by parent and SA as instructed.  If the forms are not completed as instructed, they will be declined which can impact your SA eligibility for participation:

  • The PRE-PARTICIPATION EVALUATION consists of THREE (3) documents that must ALL be completed and uploaded: 2020-Physical-Forms 3 Docs

    1. Physical Form (to be completed by physician)
    2. History Form (to be completed by physician)
    3. Parent’s Permission & Acknowledgement of Risk to Participation (to be completed by parent)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Concussion Statement (CDC Concussion Info)
  • Mission Statement
  • Social Media Policy and Guidelines
  • Student Transportation Waiver

This site is also where High School athletes will pay their participation fee ($75 first sport, $50 second sport).  Once you have made a team and pay the participation fee, THERE IS NO REFUND!

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