SPRING SPORTS (Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Boys Tennis, Track)

Visit this page often for more information about interest meetings, conditioning, practices and tryouts.  NOTE:  Any GAME schedules posted here are DRAFT and have not yet been finalized.  While most information is accurate, some may change and some pre-season/non-conference games may be added.

HIGH SCHOOL SPRING SPORTS:   Tryouts will be held on or after January 28th.  Please check with each coach for pre-tryout practice/conditioning dates and tryout information or click the Practice Schedule below for the sport of interest


BASEBALL CONTACT INFORMATION : Coach Jeremy Allen (blue1969mach1@yahoo.com)

SOFTBALL CONTACT INFORMATION : Coach Shelley Gordon (shelley.gordon@psaschool.org)





  • Boys Varsity :  Coach Terence Meeker (terencemeeker@gmail.com)
  • Boys JV :  Coach Brian Hein (Brian.Hein@kapstonepaper.com)
  • Girls JV :  Coach Billy Gibbs (imalimey92@gmail.com)

SOCCER PRACTICE SCHEDULE (Click Here) : Practices will be held at PSA unless otherwise noted.

SOCCER GAME SCHEDULE (Click Here) : This is a DRAFT schedule and changes are being made daily.

  • VARSITY BOYS SOCCER:  Check Practice Schedule above and look for “VB”.
  • JV GIRLS SOCCER:  Check Practice Schedule above and look for “JVG”.
    • Tryout Requirements:
      • Must be able to run one mile in under 15 minutes
      • Bring your own soccer ball to tryouts
      • All players must wear shin guards
  • JV BOYS SOCCER:  Check Practice Schedule above and look for “JVB”.
    • Tryout Requirements:
      • Bring your own Size 5 soccer ball to tryouts


BOYS TENNIS CONTACT INFORMATION : Coach Chance Jordan (cjjordan8318@gmail.com)

  • Practice :  Wednesday January 16, 430 at Collins Park (Fellowship Rd) off Dorchester
  • Practice : Tuesday January 22, 430 at Collins Park (Fellowship Rd) off Dorchester

Because we did not have a girls team this fall, EXPERIENCED girls are invited to tryout for the boys team.  This does not make the team co-ed.  It remains a boys team and may have a girl/girls on it if tryouts are successful.  I do not know the likelihood of other teams in our region having girls on boys teams.  Ideally, we need a minimum of 6 to form the team.  A decision will be made by Wednesday January 23 if there will be a boys team.  This will give athletes the opportunity to look into another spring sport (soccer, track/field, baseball) and participate in tryouts on the 28th should we not have enough.


TRACK/FIELD CONTACT INFORMATION :  Coach Chris DeVito (chrisd843@gmx.com)